Gallindan Silverlight

A stern military man: only his commitment to the Eladrin spear-legions outshines the polish of his boots.


Male, 175 years
Height: 5’11” Weight:150lb

Class: Warlord
Deity: Corellon (Lawful Good)


Before arriving in the town of [[Wedge]], Gallindan Silverlight was a lieutenant in an [[Eladrin]] [[spear company]]. He is well trained in combat tactics and proper shield polishing techniques.

Lt. Silverlight is both inventive and resourceful, respected on the field by his allies and feared by his enemies. Soldiers under him are fortunate as Silverlight is a brilliant tactician who rarely loses men to anything less than a major conflict.

Away from the frontlines, Gallindan is known as the highly attractive military man whose stern and straightforward manner is belied by his aristocratic upbringing. At home he often finds himself (politely) redirecting the attentions of young Eladrin ladies who have somehow come by tales of his tactical prowess, preferring instead to concentrate on his duties.

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Gallindan Silverlight

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