A light and airy personality, fitting her elemental nature.


Female, age unknown
Height: 5’8” Weight: 100lb

Class: Rogue


This Genasi maiden loves wind and water in all its forms, from the icy gales of a hard Winter to the lightest of Summer breezes over the warm surf. In the elements of water and wind she finds comfort in even the toughest times.

Young Aly is quick-fingered and quick to make friends. She’s probably a little too quick about admitting to her somewhat dubious profession. Bright Aly is more than happy to procliam “I’m a rogue, swindler and thief!” in the most public of places. Is she quick-witted enough to know that the general public aren’t likely to take her seriously or just air-headed? (badum-tch!)

Little else is known of Aly – how she became a creature of the elements or what has brought her to this place known as Wedge.


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