Quiet, reserved and determined to do the work of Pelor in the world, as if to repent for his bestial heritage.


Male, 24yrs
Height: 6’0” Weight: 180lbs

Class: Paladin
Deity: Pelor (Good)


Next to nothing is known of Canis’ heritage – only that somewhere in his ancestral line lurks werewolf blood. Even less is known of his first few weeks of life, except that he was soon left on the step of the Order of Pelor to be raised by their teachings. The monks of the Order were kind and patient with Canis, teaching him all he could want to know of Pelor’s light and the Order’s divine mission to illuminate the dark places of the world. He learned well and would eventually become a paladin of Pelor, leaving the monastery to make his shining mark on the world.

Canis was not the only child to be given, for one reason or another, to the service of Pelor. Rarely were the monastery grounds free from childish laughter and games. Yet Canis kept to himself even then, hiding his face with its wolfish features and eschewing all but the most persistent companionship. This behaviour continued into adulthood, evolving into a forbidding helmet with its visor always closed to prying eyes and a hooded cloak with which he could cover himself when armour should not.

Today, Canis is known to the fortunate few who have met him as an incredible force in battle and a kind and generous individual. Knowing him to be a true light in dark times, the Order of Pelor have asked him to investigate rumours of a Celestial walking the earth in the town of Wedge.


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