Elzix Imhotep

You are of no use to him.


Male, 24yrs
Height: 6’2” Weight: 160lbs

Class: Warlock
Deity: Raven Queen (Unaligned)


Elzix Imhotep grew up in the Shadowfell where the only path available for learning was that of evil.

Aside from having a pact with a soul-devouring demon and reserving a special kind of joy for all things resembling death, destruction and sentient agony, he’s actually not such a bad guy. The mortal realm weirds him out a bit since compared to the Shadowfell everything is so…happy. Still, just as there is always a calm before the storm, there must always be times of prosperity before the overwhelmingly pustulent darkness (death pain stabbity) can really kick in. Right?

Elzix Imhotep

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