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  • The Ethersand Desert

    The Ethersand Desert is known far and wide as a place of mystery, wonders and danger. The desert itself is thought to be infused with ancient magic - mirages there are a little _too_ real, every now and then interacting with travellers in ways that simple …

  • Toucans Trilling

    Located in the city of [[Trilling]], this incredibly popular alehouse is known for its fine quality drink and exhorbitant prices. Toucans Trilling serves only the best _to_ only the best.

  • Chook Chirps

    [[Chook Chirps]] is a highly successful chain of stores specialising in fried chicken. While the main menu consists largely of fried chicken items, there is also a small selection of vegetarian wraps and novelty drinks. Every Chook Chirps has its own …

  • The Raven’s Caw

    The Raven's Caw is the largest and most successful inn in [[Wedge]]. Frankly it is also the nicest. The building itself spans three floors, the ground floor being the kitchen, store room and bar area and the second and third floor being available to house …

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