Eladrin Spear Cohort

The Spear Cohort is the most basic formation of troops present within the Eladrin military, constituting the bulk of the citizen-militia that form up the Eladrin armed forces. Spear Cohorts are the cornerstone of which the Eladrin military rests upon, and are undoubtedly the most recognized and influential factor that has ensured the effectiveness and renown of Eladrin strategy throughout history.

A typical Spear Cohort numbers 500 soldiers – these are drawn from citizen levys raised from all Eladrin cities located within the Feywild. Citizens from individual cities, called upon to serve in the armed forces as a civil obligation, are generally situated within the same cohort, with males and females sharing equal status and responsibility. Whilst these citizen-militia appear to be but artisans and academics in times of peace, during war-times they fight with a level of unnatural skill and discipline which far outstrips even the most well-trained and organized troops of other, lesser races. Whilst classed as ‘heavy infantry’ within the Eladrin military, the speed and grace with which these troops move and fight is incredible. Each cohort is led by a junior officer, usually a lieutenant, who is distinguished from his peers by the ornamental winged helmet and crimson cloak that signifies his rank and position. Each cohort is broken down into five centuries of one-hundred soldiers, each led by a senior non-commissioned officer, or Sergeant.

Each spearperson is equipped to a standard that, in the eyes of many other races, befits that of only the most elite of soldiers. Standard equipment includes a suit of finely-wrought Eladrin chainmail, a spear or long spear, a longsword, a clutch of javelins and a large shield. All of these items are of Eladrin artifice and of the highest quality.

In battle, the Spear Cohort forms up in disciplined ranks, a sea of spear points facing the charge of oncoming forces and a wall of shields protecting against missile fire. As the enemy approaches, javelins are thrown to inflict initial casualties before engaging in melee and, more importantly, to deprive the opponent the use of their shields. This is due to the design of the javelins head, which lodges into the shield upon contact and is extremely difficult to remove. The additional weight of the protruding javelin makes the shield cumbersome to wield and effectively useless. If the enemy is capable of wading through the hail of javelins and bristling spear-points, he is generally introduced to the finer details of Eladrin swordsmanship.

The Spear Cohort is usually used in cohesion with other Eladrin auxiliary troops, such as the citizen-archers or the famed Cohors equitata (cavalry).

Eladrin Spear Cohort

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